Contact you as soon as possible after receiving a referral. If the perpetrator is in custody we aim to contact you within 48 hours.

Discuss your views regarding things like court, special bail conditions and safety measures. We then share this information on your behalf with the Procurator Fiscal and keep you updated on developments, court dates and the process.

Support you and your family to be safe and well by linking in with other agencies on your behalf to address any needs. This may be support with housing and financial support, if you are forced to flee your home for example.

If required to give evidence in court we can arrange for special measures to be put in place such as screens or to give your evidence by video link.

Give a more intensive service to victims who may be at higher risk of further harm. We also have specific staff to support young victims/witnesses (see below).


Offer support to any children (under 18) in your care if they are cited as witnesses in the case(s) we're helping you with.

Discuss with you what you think your child might need from us.

Meet with them at school or at our offices before court to talk about what it will be like and what to expect.

Give them the chance to talk through anything that might be worrying them about court.

Help arrange special measures for them when they're giving evidence, like a video link or screens in court.

Be at court to support them throughout the day of the trial.

Meet with them after the trial has finished to talk through the court outcome and any other worries they might have.

Make sure they're feeling safe and look at anything that might help them feel safer

Talk you through what will happen at court for your child and what we can do to make the experience easier for them.

Link you and your children in with other agencies that might be able to support your family longer term

We also offer a similar, but separate, support service to young people (under 18) who are victims of domestic abuse in their own relationships.


Provide practical advice and guidance on steps you can take to protect yourself and your family, and reduce risks based on your individual circumstances.

Use protective technology such as smart phone apps or alarms to improve your safety and provide reassurance.

We may be able to assist you to obtain physical security measures such as new locks, door wedges or trespasser lights.


If you are at high risk of further harm, we will make a referral to a Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC). MARACs are meetings where information about high-risk domestic abuse victims and their children is shared between local agencies. By bringing a number of agencies together, a risk-focused, coordinated safety plan can be put in place to support you. You do not attend the MARAC but we will act on your behalf.

We will seek to notify you and agree your views beforehand, represent your interests and act as the link between agencies to ensure any actions which will make you safer are considered. 


We provide support to partners or ex-partners of men who are participating in the Caledonian programme undertaken by Social Work Services in Glasgow.