Our aim is to ensure that all victims of domestic abuse, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity are safe, informed and supported throughout their involvement with the criminal justice system. We do this by providing a high quality service tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

ASSIST stands for:


Help when other agencies are involved and pass on information on your behalf.


After an incident has been reported to the Police and throughout the court process, ASSIST can pass information to the court about what you would like to happen and talk to you afterwards about what has happened at court


We can help you assess the risks you face and talk to you about options that could help you stay safe


About the court process, civil protection, domestic abuse issues, housing and other support services like Women's Aid

Services Together

We work in partnership to provide a coordinated community response to domestic abuse both strategically and operationally

ASSIST has 2 types of advocacy staff:

  1. Adult Advocacy Workers
  2. Children & Young People Advocacy Workers